Preformed Column System

1) Reduced Critical Path Times

Offsite production of the preformed and pre-reinforced columns means that column manufacturing can commence well in advance of when they are required on site.

With proper planning and consultation, columns can be delivered to site ready to be lifted into place as soon as the deck is poured. Entire floors of columns can be placed in one day as opposed to the conventional system.


2) Reinforcement Advantages

Flexibility in column size and reinforcement options to suit structural engineer’s requirements.

Greater structural integrity achieved as reinforcement steel is welded with precision to engineers de-tails ensuring all required concrete covers will be attained.


3) Fibre-Cement Option

Under request, columns can be made using fibre-cement end caps to accelerate the entire process.

NO STRIPPING is required after column installation.


4) Pre-formed vs Conventional

  1. Cost effective
  2. Reduced critical path times
  3. Reduced Safety requirements on site
  4. Minimal or nil post-concrete pour stripping
  1. Reduced waste removal costs
  2. Perfect steel cage
  3. Better aesthetic finish on column faces.
  4. Adaptability to engineer’s and construction requests

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